MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem embodies our vision to never stop improving the  experience for patients, surgeons, and care facilities

Personalized 3D planning is the core of the system

With our MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem we are dedicated to delivering value throughout the entire patient journey



Engage and educate your patients, create tailored plans based on advanced 3D analysis and collaborate dynamically with medical teams 



Improve the efficiency and accuracy of surgery with 3D printed patient-matched guides and unique augmented reality real-time surgical guidance



Communicate and stay connected with your patients, with advanced education and monitoring tools, and record and analyze clinical outcomes

Our MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem is available for all your procedures


Together with our comprehensive implant portfolio and uniquely refined surgical techniques, the MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem empowers our holistic approach to personalized medicine

With the M.O.R.E. Institute the surgeon is never alone when discovering new technologies

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